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Junior boys

Our Junior boys train each Saturday from 10.30-11.30.

There are a lot of changes this year that you as parents must follow and encourage your children to follow before training starts:

Before returning next Saturday:

  • Please complete the attached return to hockey health questionnaire and have your child bring it with them next Saturday and present it to the team covid officers.  Qustionnaire is on the COVID-19 section.
  • Thereafter this questionnaire will be completed online via the “Clubforce app” before each training session.  So please DOWNLOAD THE CLUBFORCE APP.  We will not be communicating with parents using any other app/text etc.  for the rest of the season.
  • Please complete the Sport Ireland return to Sport online course.  It takes less than one hour to complete and will be useful for the rest of the season.  The course can be located in the COVID-19 section.

Please note that Children will not be allowed to train after next weekend if they have not completed the health check questionnaire on the clubforce app each weekend when requested to do so by the covid officers of that group. 

While at training:

  • Parents please drop and go.  You will not be allowed to watch inside the pitch area unless you are a team covid officer.
  • Arrive at each session ready to play. 
  • Follow the directions of the covid officers on duty.  All players must go into their groups outside the pitch before they enter the pitch under the watchful eye of the team covid officer. 
  • Ensure children have their own sanitiser and they sanitise before they go into the pitch.
  • Players will be entering the pitch on the same side as in prior years.  However, they will be leaving on the opposite side of the pitch. 
  • Please ensure players are aware that they are not to touch the balls/cones or goals during the training sessions.  Only the coaches or covid officers can touch the equipment.
  • Each child must bring their own water bottles and must be left in the designated area for their group/team.  The dugouts will be out of use and players will not be allowed to go into them.  Toilet breaks will be discouraged unless in an emergency.  Toilets can be used before and after sessions and in the company of the child’s parent only. 
  • Players will be reminded throughout the sessions to maintain social distancing at all times during the sessions where possible.
  • Remember always follow the instructions of the team COVID officers on duty. 
  • Children will be reminded to sanitise themselves after each session.
  • For collection, please remain in the cars until your children come out from the pitch area. 

For those that have volunteered to be covid officers for the various groups, I both salute and thank you for giving back to the sport.  Please note that everyone at some stage will be asked to help out at a session, so please complete the course above and be ready to give back.  For each group, this should only mean being available for 2 sessions each season. 

For the first couple of sessions, please be patient with us.  All these protocols are new to us as much as they are to you.  But please be assured that while your children are playing hockey they will be encourage to have as much fun as possible. 


  • Junior Boys

Training times

Each Saturday 10.30-11.30


Junior boys Co-Ordinator
Meriel FitzSimon


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